Garment Bag Advertising

Garment Bags

Providing Brand Marketers access to reach professionals with discretionary income across the United States.

Reaching the Consumer

  • Active in the market place
  • Running errands
  • While getting dressed for work

Consumer Targeting

  • Educated professionals with discretionary income
  • People who dry clean typically have extra money to spend
  • 67% of those picking up dry cleaning will be female
  • Higher education 75%
  • Presence of a child 42%
  • Homeowner 70.1%

Geographic Targeting             

  • Target by city, zip codes, county, region or state
  • Coverage across all 50 states including the top 100 metropolitan markets


  • Your Ad will not compete with any Ads from other companies
  • Stand alone on each and every bag avoiding Ad Cluster
  • The dry cleaner locations will only feature bags with your logo


  • Your Ad will be viewed several times along the way from the drycleaners to the car into the consumer’s home where it will hang as a constant reminder of your product

How to order                                    

  • Submit the locations to target by city, zip codes, county, region, or state
  • Specify how long you want your campaign to last
  • We research the area and submit to you a quote with how many locations will participate and how many bags a month they consume so we can tailor a program to fit your needs
  • Submit your art work, proof the design
  • We manufacture the bags and distribute them to the dry cleaners and they start distributing them on the target date